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We first saw a random

We first saw a random video on Facebook just after coming back from a trip to the Cape. Living in FNQ there isn’t many options for safe and legal Offroad adventure. We made a plan for the 3000km+ round trip and the next year travelled the 18 hrs to Manar Park using 2 cars to haul our 4 bikes and a quad along with our caravan.

What an adventure, we spent 4 days riding but could have spent 4 weeks and been happy.

My 14yo son loved the super-x track, when I managed to pull him away we enjoyed many of the loop tracks which were well maintained and good blend of open riding along with some technical parts.

We were blown away with the options of advanced mx, mini mx, sx, trails, drag strip and even a ride down river rd to the beautiful Boyne River. The family friendly activities like the dam/slide were great too.

Your staff were amazing, Jac? was a legend, very friendly and helpful and good for a laugh.

Over all great facilities, great riding opportunities and will definitely be back again.

Although you could open up another sister park in FNQ then we can come multiple times a year.

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