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Lisa Callaghan & Mark McCarthy

We just want to say, Mark and I had a wonderful adventure out there, such a beautiful property you have, we enjoyed every single day, the rides, the bush, the rain, the cows (I love the cows), the many and varied challenges, magnificent gum trees, abundant birdlife, we saw a Bustard, a dingo, a very big bunny and we did not want to go home.
We really appreciate the hard work that must go into running such a big property, and we are so grateful that we can come to Manar Park (heaven on a stick!) and have so much fun and wear ourselves out having fun. We didn’t see the New Year in, we were asleep by 9:30pm
We also met two of your lovely staff, Marwyn and Michael and his wife who works in the store too. Wonderful people, full of stories and advice.
Thank you so much!

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