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We first saw a random

We first saw a random video on Facebook just after coming back from a trip to the Cape. Living in FNQ there isn’t many options for safe and legal Offroad adventure. We made a plan for the 3000km+ round trip and the next year travelled the 18 hrs to Manar Park using 2 cars to haul our 4 bikes and a quad along with our caravan.

What an adventure, we spent 4 days riding but could have spent 4 weeks and been happy.

My 14yo son loved the super-x track, when I managed to pull him away we enjoyed many of the loop tracks which were well maintained and good blend of open riding along with some technical parts.

We were blown away with the options of advanced mx, mini mx, sx, trails, drag strip and even a ride down river rd to the beautiful Boyne River. The family friendly activities like the dam/slide were great too.

Your staff were amazing, Jac? was a legend, very friendly and helpful and good for a laugh.

Over all great facilities, great riding opportunities and will definitely be back again.

Although you could open up another sister park in FNQ then we can come multiple times a year.

The riding trails were simply

The riding trails were simply amazing. There were a variety of trails for riders of all levels, and each one was clearly marked and maintained. I spent hours exploring the trails, taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the fresh air.
But what really stood out to me was the sense of community at this park. Everyone I met, from the staff to the other campers, was friendly and welcoming.
Overall, I had an incredible time at Manar park and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable outdoor adventure. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice camper, this park has something for everyone. I can’t wait to go back!

Stephen Andrews

Had the best weekend there thanks to all the staff and had the best hot chips you get anywhere!
The young bloke loved the flat track and swimming holes and I had a blast round the enduro loops. Met some good folk who generously took us round the park in some sick as 4×4 buggies.
Counting down the days till I get a chance to come back. Our new favourite spot.

Phil Gray

This was my first time at Manar Park and I’d have to say it was awesome. I’ve heard so many great things about this place from a dirt bike point of view to the 4WD point of view. On this occasion I went 4WDing with a large group. It was fantastic. Lots of different tracks with a variety of difficulty. The staff are helpful and very friendly. The camping areas are well maintained with amenities. I can’t wait to go back with my family on either bikes or my 4WD.

Samuel Clarke

So many good times here at Manar Park both riding bikes and camping with the family. If you can get here midweek you’ll just about have the place to yourself. Great owners that really care about everyone enjoying their stay. Plan a visit here, you won’t regret it!

Krystal Kennedy

My husband and I went there for the first time and had an absolute blast. definitely recommend this park to take your bikes out or buggies as the tracks are GREAT!!! the camp sites are all set up and Clean and as well as the toilets and showers. Staff are VERY friendly and very nice. Overall well be coming back for sure. Love this place.

Doug Gilbert

I love Manar Park. Staff are great. Amenities are clean. Tracks go for miles with varying terrain. The Manar Rd can be a little tricky for normal cars. I suggest staying just a little more to the left out of the wheel tracks to give a bit more ground clearance.
Unfortunately my weekend was cut short. Had a big off by hitting a sizeable tree that had fallen across the track on loop 3. My mate in front just missed it and all his dust made me blind to the fact it was there.
No ones fault other than mother nature. Need a new lid, but the bike is fine and I’ll heel up soon enough.
Oh, also keep an eye on loose items around your campsite. Pretty certain a crow knicked my tobacco pouch.
Will definitely be back. Keep up the great work.

Kelly Weier

Highly recommend 100% . It’s a great place for fun, laughter & all round good time. Also get back to nature with no phone or internet connection. Loved it

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