4WD Tracks

With approximately 230km’s of 4WD Tracks to choose from. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, all our tracks are graded and marked and an extensive map provided when you arrive.

There are plenty of tracks for the family 4×4 to the most dedicated extreme 4×4 vehicles. All tracks are rated according to skill level.

You can climb the toughest of hill climbs, go down the steepest slopes, enjoy playing in the many creek and river crossings, tackle the gorge or just take a leisurely drive down to the river, up to the waterfall or to one of the lookouts. For serious 4WD buffs either Middle Camp or Main Camp offer a great place to set up camp, close to the tracks and with hot showers and toilets

Don’t forget to play in the Skid Pan, located near the entrance to the park!

Please note we do not charge for a tow vehicle. Comp trucks do not have to registered to use at Manar.

Extreme 4WD’s

Plenty of tuff terrain on offer throughout the 230kms including the gorge, gullies, drops and hill climbs. It’s a great playground for even the toughest of trucks. Extreme rated tracks are very steep and winches are needed for most.

Download a PDF map of the 4WD tracks

All currently open 4WD tracks are detailed below. Some tracks are closed in wet conditions. The tables next to the maps contain important information relating to each track.

4WD Track Map (1141 KB)